Juan Ramon Llavori

Ni en cien años conoceré el camino
En mil vidas volvere a nacer para hollarlo
Una mirada me bastará por llegar a lo profundo.
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The day I met Nick

Sueño del verde

Although we haven't met in person, I think I can say I know him and his magnificent art!!.

I find it difficult to talk about someone and I do not intend to be impartial!.

I think I am not qualified to talk about Nick's artwork. I simply want to say that his work opens a new world in the eyes of those who approach it, and if we look closely, we can find a mixture of references to his life-art, which I find fascinating.

I feel qualified though, to say that he is a great person, with capital G, and has the distinctive quality of great artists ... they dive and find what is invisible to the eye.

Thanks to Nick's extreme generosity, we have forged a friendship that has neither language nor country. The friendship of those who feel alike and confront their work with honesty. Therefore, I just want to say I'm proud and honored by his friendship! He's got mine forever.

Un fuerte abrazo Nick

Y desde luego no puedo dejar pasar la ocasión para dar las gracias a otra persona muy importante
A la que considero una buena amiga y buena artista , que me ayuda en múltiples ocasiones... sobre todo con el Inglés
Anna Morales
Porque en la edad que se supone que hay que aprender... yo lo único que hacía era pintar.
Un beso Anna!


Estudios acuarela y carbón
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