La ciudad y los signos II

"Horizonte de metal"
Acuarela sobre papel

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David Lobenberg dijo...

Love it! This urban genre is done by a very accomplished painter on my blog roll by the name of William Wray. He lives in southern Calif. Living here in California and in Sacramento, you'd think I would speak some spanish. Sorry that I don't! anyway, love this scene.

cardesin dijo...


It is a great pleasure to visit!.
I have had opportunity to see the work of William Wray, and is a wonderful painter who gives a great atmosphere to his works ... lovely!
Thanks again!

Pat dijo...

Your painting is very dramatic and the design and color are dynamic.

cardesin dijo...

Hi Pat
If the true dramatic that can flow in my series "dependencia" ... tried to compensate with some color and movement,
Basically I still hope .....
Un fuerte abrazo !!!!!