Thank you for remembering me to give this recognition ....

I think I have to tell you things you probably unaware of my ... But for artists define 7 bloggers ... I think there are many more so I can dedicate it to all artists who are on the network. A big hug.

1 first prize for my painting to 7 years.

2 teach me to draw my mother.

3 I do not like to paint in the street for shame!

4 terrifies me fly so little travel.

5 I like to fly fish that can not kill the animal.

6 I love insects.

7 I am very shy.

8 I will not go if I can to my exhibition.

9 I like to paint in solitude ........

A greeting to all bloggers who pass through here! I dedicate to them my appreciation.

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Bãpp dijo...

congratulations Juan Carlos,
jan :)

vanina barañao dijo...

Felicitaciones Jk!

lupus dijo...

¡¡¡Felicidades Juankar...!!! Te lo mereces.

Un gran abrazo.

Eduardo Alvarado dijo...

Te mereces mucho, mucho, mucho...!

Un fuerte abrazo.

Ajuan dijo...

.. de la milenaria extirpe de los frenetiflones.

Pat dijo...

Your blog site is a great way to travel, meet new people and become friends without getting on an airplane. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to see your art work and to get to know you.

cardesin dijo...


cardesin dijo...

Muchas gracias!!!
Un fuerte abrazo!!!!

cardesin dijo...

Gracias eres muy amable!!!

cardesin dijo...


cardesin dijo...

Gracias espero verte antes de que inicies viaje al fin del mundo!!!!!!

cardesin dijo...

I am grateful for the all the attention it gives me .... you are very kind and a very sensitive person.

Thanks for everything
A big hug!

cardesin dijo...

En realidad como digo en el post este reconocimiento lo hago extensible a todos los artistas bloggers...... que hay muchos y muy buenos.
Un saludo

In fact as I say in this post so I extend appreciation to all bloggers artists ...... there are many very good.
Un saludo

Nick dijo...

You forgot: major inspiration to artists worldwide!