Señales de vida y sombras

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Nick dijo...

I thought I have only been away from your blog for a week....but...I see it's been more, and there is so much great work I don't know where to begin. You're an art factory, Juan!!!
So much variety, so much imagination, technique, wild ideas and color, beautiful lines, and a huge dynamic range from pianosubtle to in-your-face raw forte passion.

tayete dijo...

Me gusta la plantita, es curioso cómo resalta algo cuando está tan solo como esa acuarela, todo rodeada de blanco. Cualquier otro añadido estropearia el efecto.

cardesin dijo...

Thank you very much for your words have had little time to answer comments! but I must say that the artist, the great artist you are .. I am very much inspired by his wonderful music!
And in his art a little further you will send something by mail and have more time to talk!
Thanks again Nick!!
A big hug!!!!!
Your friend Juankar!!!

cardesin dijo...

Si te gusta? gracias en realidad si veo algo pienso automaticamente en su contrario!! ese es mi sentido en esta serie es tragico pero es asi ademas la planta nace entre las baldosas de la plazoleta que tengo enfrente del estudio!!
La vida se abre camino!!
Un fuerte abrazo!!!